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REAL Durham Pop-Up Market

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

In conjunction with The Mothership, REAL Durham (RD) hosted its first pop-up craft market on Saturday, December 16th. Sellers were provided space to sell handmade items, with no fees, and no commission charges. RD leaders were able to keep 100% of their earnings. Even more exciting was that the pop-up provided our leaders with an opportunity to work with vendors of color outside the REAL Durham community, creating a collaborative space where more experienced vendors could give tips and advice on selling at this type of market.

This was our first experience selling our products in a retail setting. It went great and we're looking forward to the next market! — Victoria Felton
Selling at crafts markets can be lucrative, but there are high barriers to entry—it’s competitive and expensive for people just starting out, and there are few pipelines for low-income entrepreneurs to gain experience. Addressing these challenges, Christina Cameron, a REAL Durham Ally, was able to leverage her access as a staff member at The Mothership to help organize the pop-up craft market for REAL Durham leaders last December. The Mothership, too, advertised the event through its creative networks, bringing in a lively crowd of holiday shoppers.
I was impressed by the vendors and their work... The event felt joyful and hopeful to me. I hope... that it will happen again. — Eileen Regan

The event was fun, well attended, and financially successful—a win-win for all. RD leaders sold a variety of handmade goods ranging from jewelry and hats to toys, decorative vases, cakes, and more!

SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, May 12th RD returns to The Mothership for our spring pop-up market. Hope to see you there!
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